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Marisa Jun 13 '16
Soon men will only see pics of girls and women will only see pics of guys. I've been asked for that feature many times.

Therefore, all pictures which are not you or your family (like nature, scenery, hobbies, dishes, pets, etc..) were moved to photo albums of corresponding groups, where everybody (especially people with the similar interests) can see them and discuss them, regardless of gender.

Marisa Sep 15 '16
maybe it's your computer? to me they look fine. But in any case, you'll have to make them darker on your computer before uploading.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Sep 16 '16
you can do a search for "image manipulation software" or "photo editing software" on your favorite search engine if you don't already ready have photo editing software on your device. I personally use GIMP which is a free not platform specific program very similar to some high dollar well known software.

there are websites that have free editing, free programs, and a ton of free stuff available. Just be sure to read the End User License Agreement (EULA) before choosing any free website (or software for that matter, but it is more prevalent on websites). They generally trade you the "free" part of the use for ownership of your pictures, therefore your pics are no longer yours to keep if you agree to their terms.

for what its worth, I agree with Marisa. I don't think the pic in your avatar is too dark. But if you don't like it that is what matters most.
Gary1066 Sep 29 '16
How long does it take for photos to be approved?
Marisa Sep 29 '16
as soon as I have a free minute to come online No certain time frame, sometimes I come online every hour or so, sometimes I am busy with real life stuff and not able to go online for 10-12 hours. But I always come online at least twice a day. 


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