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billyHill Moderator
billyHill Oct 13 '15
the theory of a satire candidate sounds very practical, Crystal....

I wished there were actually enough people that cared about the political system here to get rid of the typical "politicians", and listen to "We, The People", again....

coloradosweetheart Oct 14 '15

I know what you mean, Billy.  I don't know if you remember...Back on the other site, I mentioned donating a small amount to the Mayday PAC...my first ever political donation.  I'm thinking about buying a little something to show my support for Gil (Represent.US) as well.

Who knows?  A satirical campaign might just wake up some voters.  Hopefully, the current way of doing "business" hasn't gone too far down the rabbit hole and is repairable.

Quarnicus Oct 14 '15
We already have one, trump,Hilary or Sanders ...oh sorry that's 3 ..

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Oct 17 '15
Crystal, yes I do remember you donated. I even went by and looked at the cause and wound up deciding that their goals were not clearly stated enough for me to part with any money over it.

Its bad enough I am a registered "Independent" voter, so I get snail mails from all candidates begging for dollars near election times....

 I even went so far as to tell one that sent me a questionnaire and asked for dollars they should consider themselves lucky I answered their questions and did not charge them for my time to do so. If they had any sense at all they would never send me another request for money....

Believe it or not, they never sent another money request 
wind090 Oct 18 '15
I guess they just hope to win the election Billy and to send you the money request later. By then they will call it taxes!
coloradosweetheart Oct 18 '15

LOL, Billy!

Yes, the goal is general enough that it funds campaigns for Democrats AND Republicans who support campaign reform legislation.  It is support based on a single issue, regardless of the candidates' stances on others...economy, abortion, foreign policy, guns, health care, education, etc.

The original idea of publicly funded elections was that those "ordinary" folks with integrity and a lot of sense but not a lot of wealth (i.e., those they wish to represent) could become legislators and/or president as well.  Unfortunately, our society sees wealth as a measure of success, regardless of how it was obtained.

Elections have become a rich man's game, costing us BILLIONS.

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billyHill Moderator
billyHill Oct 18 '15
indeed, the political system in the US is so very corrupt it isn't funny.

Think about this one piece of logic for a minute. Some will spend in excess of 20 Billion dollars to get a job that pays $400.000 a year.....   who on God's green earth wants to loose in excess of $18 Billion dollars over the course of 4 years??

The fact is, no one in their right mind would do such a thing. Therefore the power and / or corruption that is associated with the job must more than make up for the $18.4 Billion dollar deficit.....
wind090 Oct 19 '15
Mmmh...  I'm right now asking myself what is more corrupt! Your system where everybody knows you can buy a political position and you do know who bought it or our system where the ones in the positions are bought and you need to find out who bought them?!?   
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