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wind090 Sep 17 '15

No, I won't let 'em give me to the neo nazi parties!   (Sorry, but I couldn't resist that one...)

Call me sarcastic, but who wants to go there to fight for the IS should go there, but he should be given no opportunity to return. We are all lost somewhere in the numbers of the history books. Who is too stupid to develop an own opinion should be given the opportunity to die for somebody elses idea. I'm on the side of those who want to live and let live others. 

Kimo Sep 28 '15
Lol it's 3 years jail if they return they are european citizen all
wind090 Sep 29 '15

...and there are still some politicians assuming 3 years jail can wash a sick ideology out of a sick brain.

Sorry, but medieval ways of thinking and behaviour you can only treat with medieval methodologies. People tend to feel strong as long as they belong to a group, requesting hard punishments for all the "others". People need to learn we're all equal (Even if in society there are always some people who are more equal than others...) and that the punishments they request for others they request for themselves as well! There is no forgiveness for people who don't forgive and there is no tolerance for people who aren't tolerant themselves...    

Quarnicus Oct 15 '15

Lol u gotta love some of these people...

 It's like Middle Eastern millennial's

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billyHill Moderator
billyHill Oct 17 '15
Hey Q, the link above took me to a basic advert page with all kinds of UT videos on it.

Is that what you wanted us to see, or was it a specific video?

If it is specific, right click the video, copy the "embed code", then click the video button next to the smiley's and paste the embed code into the window.

You can also feel free to post the video in the Video section of the site as well.
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