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konstadinoss Feb 6
age is just a number,when there is chemistry i beleive its only anumber
bailey999 Feb 6
yes it does because it mainly has something to do with maturety
Lytharia Feb 7
I dated a man who was 11 years younger than me. There were a lot of obstacles to overcome. Not to mention he looked younger than his years. I would not advise it. I try to keep a five year variance when I am searching. Beyond that .. it is too much. Too immature or too mature lol.  There are exceptions to that rule and I will open up my search once in a while to look for those exceptions.  But I would say +/- five years.  I dont want the inexperience of too much younger or the unplayfulness of too much older.  I like fire not drama either way Just for me personally.
jetfuelguy Feb 9
10-15 years is easily doable. Of course it can vary widely with particulars.
mike062354 Feb 9
age like to keep it close, I'm ill active and in good shape  would mind a 40 year old for a relationship and see how compatibility  we are but to have things in common,  I"m 80's music...Beatles too..listen to the song I'm 64...closer the age more fun 
fixit1966 Feb 10
I think it only matters really and levels of maturity the distance in years is only a cause for difficulty if generational gaps start to get in the way. I think it fit two people are consenting and mature enough it really shouldn't matter.
leef Feb 11
I think age really depends on the individuals. Love has no age barriers.
buubuu Feb 12
yes age matters here more for a kind of relation in serious like going so far, well it is not possible for an old man like 55 to 60 can make a good relationship with a young age girl like 25 to 30 cause there is too much difference in both of them not only the age but mind thinks and different kind of behaviors about mentality, cause same age figure persons not more than 3-5 year difference can make good decisions about relationship which can be good for so far without any kind of hungers in general life and specific things about think-tank. 
AuggieWest Feb 13
Depends entirely on gap, cultures and most importantly personal preference. I am 60, women in their 20's and up are real nice to look at but I have little to nothing in common with them. To date them would be in hopes of sex only. I want a real woman, her face may be careworn and lined but I'm pretty damn sure she earned them. That's character
Joebrighton Feb 16
It depends not a massive age gap is good but say 10 yrs if 30+ 

Joebrighton Feb 16
Really depends
Wrangler1954 Mar 18
My ex wife was 12 years younger than me. It was never a problem and we were married for 22 years. When it ended it wasn't about our age difference. 

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