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Irina May 11 '15
I can not upload an avatar ... any special requirements to the photos?
billyHill Moderator
billyHill May 11 '15
they are listed here, Irina : http://datingnmore.com/site/forum/topic/98
Marisa May 11 '15
Actually, those are requirements for forums and photo albums (for uncropped pics). For cropped pics, the requirement is: a pic should  be as small as possible. Cropping takes a lot of system resources and memory, it cannot process big pics. I cannot tell you what exactly is "big", it all depends on how busy is the server at the moment. Just keep resizing it until it goes through, or even better: upload a small pic as avatar. It will be resized to 190 x 190 px anyway, so not much point in uploading something huge, keep it small.
Irina May 13 '15
Thank you.I try to find a photo that takes up less space.
drago Jul 11 '15
Y can't I load a pic
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Jul 11 '15
see post #2 and 3 above, drago.


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