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wind090 Apr 2 '15

Wake up my friend, your bells let ring;

The time is up, out there is spring;

As for long time you don't have seen;

the grass out there is getting green.


The flowers bloom and so the trees;

Already warm the sun, awakes the bees;

The birds do sing, the sun is bright;

The winter is gone you feel alright.


A life so nice, there's nothing more to say;

Such you are waiting for the Easter day;

Enjoying all the things out there to grow;

Now you are caught by storm and  snow.


Instead of being under a sky so bright;

You are to face the snow so white;

Instead of blue the sky is grey;

This Eastern is a different way!


As for such weather is the fashion,

This Eastern seems, you'll end up in depression;

If mother nature called you for a walk;

You wouldn't need to look for someone to talk!


But now you sit inside the house;

And feel like in a trap the mouse;

To you inside the air just stinks;

Only to survive with many drinks!


You live your day from meal to meal;

Seems this year gluttony is your deal;

And with a glass then in your hand;

You hope this day may find it's end.


You see yourself just getting fat;

As you are on your way to bed;

This way, just in the middle of the run;

You hope still to see maybe the sun!


Previously you waited for that day;

But now you pray it soon might go away;

If only once you'd have it in your hand;

You'd put this Eastern to an end!


There's not much more for me to say;

It is just like it is, today;

Again I'll take a look at the weather;

And hope for you, yours will be better!  

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AmeliaCastillo May 17 '15
Just wondering why easter for you is depressing when it's the time "of a new beginning". Flowers start to bloom, the sun shines and the ambiance is nice. I think that winter should be more depressing because people just tend to stay home, shops closes early,and business seems to be at a standstill. Well, that is how i imagine it to be in your place! Because in my country, we have only 2 kinds of season, the wet and dry season. No fall, no winter, no snow and everyday seems just like spring, unless there's a typhoon or inclement weather that does not lasts for long.
skrocky Dec 18 '15

We all forget..when we enjoy.___There are other-- who are not even able to time their thoughts..

We all forget.. When we spend.___There are others--who are not able to tame their hearts.

We all forget..when we eat..____there are others--who  had food for one time..

We all forget..When we show__-there are many who cannot balance their physic..

We all forget.. when we fight for rights___WHY..?..We are Human.!..

carola2 Aug 3 '16
I think the day will be as you think before, almost nothing in your life depend of the weather, you create your day, your reality, change your thoughts. Is a good way to love a rainy day.
juancelot Oct 5 '16

life is as it is, not as it should be. Outside there is a world waiting for you smile Getcha,

I am Juan


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