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wind090 Mar 4 '15

Some day the time feels long and you don't know to be weak or strong;

Sun raises up, goes down and you, you feel like drown;

No matter where you turn, the air you breathe tastes like from a burn;

It seems the world around would stink, the more upon your life you think.


You think about a special day, appearing in your thoughts in grey;

You think about a single week, for what remains you are to seek;

You think about the coming year, deep in your mind there raises fear;

You think about your life to be, but there's no future that you see!


When you look back, back at your past, where is the good that's got to last;

Where are your friends, where have they gone. was something wrong once you had done;

Where is that home that keeps you warm, protects you from a world of harm;

Where has it gone this secret meadow, where stood that tree that gave you shadow?


What most about in life you shook, was taking in the mirror just a look;

Who is that guy in there you see; is it the one you used to be;

Where is that world out of your dreams, is what you've got just what it seems;

Is like they in your nightmares told, your faith not more than growing old?


Some day you're a king sitting on his throne, another one you're just alone;

One moment music makes your thoughts fly, the other one she makes you cry;

Up in the air you see a dove, somehow it makes you think back of a love;

Out in the hills you hear the eagle scream, then you wake up, it was a dream.


Yesterday you were the youth, now old and sick, that is the truth;

You did achieve so much in life, wake up friend, you don't even got a wife;

Instead of caring about you kids on a website you count your hits;

Will next week you get a date or is it already too late?


You sit in front of your TV, is that what future life for you will be;

You're all alone now in your room, the rotten air smells like your doom;

You grab for your remote control, intending not to think about your role;

On your computer you play games, virtual enemies in flames!


As long as you've enough in stock you do not think about a clock;

The only thing that makes you bother is if you think about some other;

What makes you want someone to be is just that stupid jealousy;

And as you're reading now this rhyme, where is she gone until today your time?  




Jstnona Mar 11 '15
Very sad, Wind...but, moving.
luis2015 Sep 6 '16
There are so many things to enjoy and our time on earth is so short that suffering is a waste of time. We have to enjoy the winter snow and spring flowers.

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.


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