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jackcote Apr 15
what would u like to do if u have big dream to see world!!!

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Apr 16
can you give us an example of how you would answer your own question, jackcote?  Its sort of typical that we answer our own questions first so others have a template to go by.
jackcote Apr 16
what u can  imagine

truesally Apr 16
Billy is right,first u can tell us What would u do to come true your dream! Different people have different situation, some havenot money,some havenot time,some cant left their work or family......for me the biggest issue is money problem,...so I m working hard to gain enough money to support my travelling....
jackcote Apr 17
open language school

Elena31 Oct 23
I would participate in the volunteer program. It is suitable for those who do not have the money to travel the world. And you can do many useful things in the world
Bluerider003 Nov 21
I did get to go to Ireland once and I always wanted to go there so that dream came true Iceland is another place I would like to visit.
shylady Nov 27


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